I don't like wednesdays (tell me why)

I hate Wednesdays. Wednesdays are neither here nor there. Trapped between the optimism of a forthcoming fantastic weekend and the crushing reality of yet another disappointing weekend. I'm not even with Orange so no free cinema tickets for me. 

If I believed in the absolute absurdity that the earth was created by a divine entity in 7 days, then the Daily Mail, electrical 'lifestyle' products prefixed with a little 'i' and Katie Price were all created on a Wednesday. Such is the banal nature of the day that we could easily scrap it from the calendar altogether. At least then we could 'enjoy' Christmas in the summer once in a while.

So it is on this Wednesday, sitting here listening to yet another conference call where words meld into one lengthy, undulating string of bilge, which I decide to create this 'blog'. I hope that it is the cathartic kick up the arse I need to actually achieve something, even if that something is making someone else as miserable as me, if but for a fleeting moment of time.

So look forward! to being regaled with unremarkable tales about things that vaguely annoy me. Which, as has been pointed out by some real life people to me is pretty much anything. Suspend your disbelief! as I grumpily and somewhat futilely have a strop about not much at all. And most of all Enjoy! not being as petty and mincing as me.

Roll on next Wednesday.

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