Annoying things that happen to me all the time and make me annoyed

I often fantasise that I have any friends, or indeed any people who are concerned enough about me to wonder why I am so bitter all the time. Allow me to explain. it is the little things that add up, one at a time to become galling and annoying. Little things that collectively make me very cross indeed. I have some examples of things that make me annoyed below, that will probably eventually see me going on an unsuccessful rampage with a shotgun.

Tesco jaffa clemetines with 500 pips in them

Tesco just take the piss out of me. I expect a pip-free clementine when I buy a Jaffa one. OK, so perhaps one or two pips per clementine would be understandable, I'm not a pip Nazi. But a Jaffa clementine with more pips than actual clementine takes the biscuit. I even photographed the remains of said clementine, just to prove how bad things at Tesco are. Do they care? No. Bloody fat cats.

Annoying train things

Being stuck behind a broken down train for 30 minutes, watching all the people who got up later than me breezing past on the adjacent track. Having my oyster card checked with all the interest and application I have come to expect from people who work on trains. One time, I held my work pass up instead and he didn't bat an eyelid. But the one day I forgot my oyster card (and my wallet) I had the train guard equivalent of the Gestapo to deal with. Being in a 'quiet' area on the carriage, but still having to listen the the train guard repeat the same message into the P.A. at 200 decibels, literally 10 times during a 20-minute journey. Yes I know there is a short platform at Isleworth.

Streets without signs on them to tell you what their names are

I am rubbish at knowing where I am. I cannot orientate myself at all. I was in Barcelona when I realised this, because it seems to be a game of chance whether street names are provided on actual streets or not. Relying on my natural sense of direction doesn't work, because I don't have any. I even struggled to find Barcelona's enormous stadium. I assumed that a stadium as prestigious and well-known and the Camp Nou would be clearly signposted. But then where is the fun in that. There were lots of maps on the metro - just not any that showed where things were.

Speaking to people

I hate people talking to me and saying things and then I have to say things in return, even though I haven't listened to any of the things that they have been saying. In fact, I hate having to say anything to anyone. I have nothing to say of any interest whatsoever, and I am almost certain that you have nothing to say to me that would interest me at all. Just leave me alone, will you.

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