It's a Beautiful Day...

In my head, where my inane ramblings have any relevance to anyone but me, I imagine that people ask me what I actually do like. I often write about doom and gloom, and that probably makes me sound a bit, well, bitter. So I have decided to share something that actually makes me happy. Music is a very important part of my life, being fluent in both piano and keyboard and liking several dozen songs.

I have long had a penchant for a bit of stadium rock. Nothing makes me feel more invigorated and alive than being in a stadium 2 miles from the stage surrounded by people with the same T-Shirt as me. And who other than my favourite band could you say were the kings of stadium rock. For my favourite band is none other than U2! Their shows are amazing, and they are political too without ever being preachy, and they manage to squeeze all their hits into one set. They are truly the jewel of Britain's crown, wowing people as far afield as the USA. Whether you're talking about Bono, The Edge or the other guys they stand for longevity and innovation over decades of quality releases.

My favourite tracks are 'A Beautiful Day', 'Belfast Child' and 'Alive and Kicking'. I have been to the O2 arena and seen how amazing it was. U2 weren't actually playing, but I can imagine how they would have filled the place full of South Africans and other people of immeasurable taste. Bono is a crusader for the environment and saving the world - and who better to spread the message than someone who spends so much time visiting the corners of the globe in his private jet. He touches everyone he meets with his sincerity - wearing his trademark sunglasses to shield the world from his tragic tears. I always appreciate when multi-millionaires take time out of their schedules to let the rest of us less fortunate people know how we should run our lives.

The Edge is the best guitarist that I have heard on a record, full stop, and I include the one from Supergrass in that. He is called The Edge because he is constantly at the cutting edge of guitars and guitar-related things, so it is entirely appropriate that The Edge, 50, calls himself 'The Edge'. The Edge pioneered the signature guitar feedback-loop thing he does, along with other things which are too complex and numerous to mention here. The rest of the band are also brilliant, having grown up in England with Bono and The Edge. Occasionally Bono lets one of them join in on a song, just another reminder of what a wise philanthropist Bono is.

So, now you know. Next time you theoretically think that I don't actually like anything I refer you to this post. But like actually isn't a strong enough sentiment; I actually love U2. I know I'm unconventional but I don't care. So fuck you all.

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  1. Is this supposed to be your April Fools Al?

    If not then i hope you get gang raped by bees...