Finally, evil is stopped in its tracks.

So it is now nearly 2 weeks since the PlayStation Network was taken offline, and it is still offline now! That is brilliant. This year is turning out to be a great one with at least 2 things that have made me not feel depressed for a few minutes. I have despised Sony for the last decade so for them to get their just desserts by allowing the most precious commodity of all (their customer's private data) to be stolen is a moment to be savoured. Not only have several million users had their credit card numbers and other information stolen, they have also been unable to go online using their PS3 for anything at all since April 20th. Do not underestimate the impact of this drama. It is huge. Apparently some dirty bearded nob-jockey called Osama Bin Laden was killed the other day but that piece of news pales into insignificance when compared to Sony's unforgivable faux pas.

At the very best, anyone in the UK expecting to alleviate some bank holiday boredom with some online gaming has been completely unable to - and some games can not be played even when not being used online. At the very worst, Sony's stupid and chavvy clientele are having their credit card details sold to Nigerians! What a delicious fuckup! Hopefully Sony will now be sued by every idiotic customer of theirs in the world. Someone needs to put that aged behemoth out if its misery with a well-placed bullet above its left eye and then a double-tap to the chest to make sure. People who have a PlayStation 3 are just weird. I have sincere reservations about any of my friends who have one. What is wrong with them? I think. It's like finding out one of your mates fantasises about young boys. It's just not on.

The PS3 was, for a long time, hugely overpriced and a bit rubbish, with hardly anyone on line. Now it is reasonably priced, still a bit rubbish and now has NO ONE on line. LOL! I can't get enough of that. It is 2011. Sony's mistake would have been inexcusable even in 1996, but in 2011? LOL! A total PR disaster. Even worse than exploding VAIOs, hacked PSP's and all their other shamefully overpriced re-badged Sanyo pieces of tat. BUT TEH PS3 HAS TEH BLU-RAY! The idiots scream, watching the entire Fast and the Furious saga back-to-back while masturbating furiously, sweat and drool dripping from their recessed chins. Big deal. You can enjoy your terrible sequels in HD, congratulations. Just don't expect to play Call Of Duty online for the forseeable future. Hahaha.


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