Serena should be banned from the arena

Serena Williams has again shown her lack of class by threatening an umpire. The umpire's crime? having the audacity to correctly award a point against Serena for issuing a blood-curdling scream while the ball was still in play. Instead of taking this with good grace, Serena decided that a bizarre rant was the best way of expressing her displeasure with the umpire, who she (wrongly) accused of screwing her over before. Thankfully, the end result was that Serena lost the US open final - and not even the famously partizan home crowd could support her latest round of looniness.

Resembling an anabolically-boosted Mike Tyson in an weave, her vast bulk is slowly and inexorably losing muscle and gaining fat as she succumbs to the passage of time. An 8-man poker table can now be safely balanced on her enormous derriere without any chips being disturbed. She could beat the Rock in an arm wrestle whilst simultaneously juggling 2 tractors. Her 'skirts' are specially made out of the material what they use for parachutes and that so that her bulging thighs are contained and the assembled crowds who have innocently turned up to watch some tennis are not struck blind.

And speaking of tennis, we may see more of that in the women's game now that the incredible bulk is past her best. We may even see rallies and things without nearly every service game being won to love by sending huge piledrivers hurtling towards the pulverised grass. No more barbaric screaming will be heard when an inconsequential point is won (or not won, as in the case above) No longer will svelte women be put off playing by the unengaging prospect of a tennis ball travelling at mach 2 shearing off their kneecaps.

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