Merry Pissedmas everyone!

Christianity is dead. No-one who says that they are Christian actually are these days. The standard answer from your average Brit when asked about their own allegiances will be 'Church of England'. They will only say this because of the IRA and because they are retarded. It is laughable that our official religion was made up by a fat philandering cunt who, when it was revealed that the Pope decided not to bless his many carnal unions instead decided to do whatever the fuck he liked and make his own one up. Most people in this country only care about religion if you threaten to make something secular. Like every year, there's this clamour to take the 'Christ' out of 'Christmas' and people who have never been to church suddenly start bleating about 'political correctness gone mad' etc.

People pretend that Christianity is awesome and decry other religions on the grounds that they are barbaric and regressive. Proper Christianity is just mental as other religions. 'Adapt or die' was the mantra of the Catholic, as they rode roughshod over far-flung parts of the world bringing their 'crusades' with them. But Christianity is a total pussy these days. I have more respect for the loonies who still adhere to their batshit crazy religions to the letter - better that than a bunch of marginalised softies pandering to middle class idiots who are only there to get little Jake into the Catholic school around the corner. The church must be well pleased about their schools - it's the only way that they attract anyone into their churches who are not either octogenarian or disabled.

Do people really think about the supposed birth of a jewish baby who probably never existed when Christmas comes around? Or do they think about eating loads of food, getting wasted and arguing with the inlaws. If you are reading this and think the former, then you are a massive liar, or you are a hard liner who should probably not be on the internet with all its temptations in the first place. All the good things about Christmas have nothing to do with Christ, and everything to do with spending time with your friends and family, being nice and getting presents and stuff. The church occasionally whinges about Father Christmas, just because they know that kids would rather have videogames and stuff than mouldy bread and wine.

Let's just call Christmas pissedmas and be done with it. And ban all religion from our shores, because all any of them contribute to society is to present reasons to hate people from other religions. They are all laughable and built on 'faith' which is really a manipulated doctrine forced upon the proletariat to stop them asking tough questions and keep them in line, and it's about time that we all woke up and stopped pandering (or pretending to pander) to them. We should set aside aside our religious differences and instead argue about things that matter like oil and football.

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