New Years Resolutions for 2012

Get out of this job before it all comes crashing down

Make bare cash moneys

Eat more blue food

Sell the stuff I don't need

Sell the stuff I do need

Play more Xbox 360

Spend more time on my own, in a ditch

Be kind and accommodating to those who deserve it, and be a massive cunt to everyone else

Rebuild my shattered arms and bicycle and start cycling again

Hate Apple even more than last year

Get down to 200 Facebook 'friends'

Delete all my photos off of Facebook

Do some decorating and stuff and ting

Clear all of the useless crap out of my house (excluding myself)

Consolidate my media empire

Teach the hamster to do handstands


  1. Hey there, first off, Happy new year! Best news so far this year is that you are continuing the blog!
    i have thought of a few NY resolutions myself,
    i am going to create an iPad app for your blog, thus- enabling us to both crumble apple from within.. ( like the pun?)
    Also, i aim to spend more time with my hamster and also my pet Giraffe...
    cannot wait for the next post, perhaps something about the price hike by TFL?

    your avid reader
    Big Les!

  2. I like giraffes.

    Your 2nd avid reader (like daily. Help)